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Catalog » Silk Trees » NN5205 Silk Bamboo Canes
Silk Bamboo Canes

This arrangement of silk Bamboo with natural canes will brighten up any room. Visually light and airy, hundreds of long thin bamboo leaves arch gracefully from the top of several culms (canes) of varying height.

Bamboo is a perennial evergreen but, in spite of how tall it can grow, Bamboo is not a tree. In fact, it is a member of the grass family Poaceae! Each year new Bamboo shoots grow very fast for several weeks, until they reach their full height, then send out leaves and branches.

There is a distinctly Chinese look to this arrangement, making this Bamboo the perfect choice for any room with an Oriental theme. Yet, at 3-1/2 feet tall, it won't overpower the area.

Your new silk Bamboo canes arrangement arrives ready to display on a finished, moss-covered wooden base with three short legs for added stability.

$129.95, Delivery Included
NN5205 Details
Color: Light green Height: 42" Leaves: 750 leaves Trunks: Multiple Natural Canes Pot: Oval Wood Pedestal, 13" by 9", 3" high
USA Delivery Included.