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Catalog » Floral Arrangements » NN1214 Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet In Vase
Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet In Vase

What could be more romantic than this lavish bouquet of large, blooming red roses? The generous quantity of giant blooms provide a fiery crown above the lush greenery and long stems.

Elegantly presented in a large, clear cylindrical rose vase that compliments the beauty of these stunning roses. Liquid illusion at the bottom of the vase adds to the realism with the semblance of water.

This bouquet of double-bloom hybrid tea roses stands 32 inches.

$274.95, Delivery Included
NN1214 Details
Color: Red Height: 31 Inch Pot: Cylinder Vase, 20.5" high, 6" diameter
As Featured On Squidoo.com, Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet In Vase.
USA Delivery Included.