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Earth Friendly Silk Plant Cleaner

Simply Silk™ Silk Plant Cleaner is 100% organic and 100% biodegradable. Oil-free Simply Silk™ lifts dust and debris off of your treasured silk flower arrangements without leaving a sticky residue. Available in 32 oz. twin-pack bottles with an environment friendly Pump Spray (as shown below).

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Anita, the Simply Silk Lady.

Hi! I'm Anita and I believe Simply Silk™ is the best household silk plant cleaner available.

I've tried an assortment of spray-on silk flower cleaners, and I've tried numerous silk plant cleaning tips, from rinsing in water to blowing with compressed air. But nothing I've ever tried works as well for me as Simply Silk™.

When I could no longer find Simply Silk™ locally, I bought it wholesale from the manufacturer and set up this website. Now I can get Simply Silk™ whenever I want to. And so can you...

Signed, Anita