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Catalog » Silk Houseplants » NN6530 Bird's Nest Fern
Bird's Nest Fern

This silk Bird's Nest Fern adds a tropical look to any room, with large wavy fronds that look more like banana leaves than fern fronds. Undivided, shiny and bright apple-green, the numerous leaves rise from a central rosette.

The Bird's Nest Fern, Asplenium nidus, likes to grow high up in other plants and trees. The fern catches water and organic matter in the leaves for moisture and nutrients, as well as through the aerial roots. like many other ferns, this beautiful plant likes it humid.

Your new Bird's Nest Fern arrives in a handsome wicker basket, ready to transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.

$49.95, Delivery Included
NN6530 Details
Color: Bright apple-green Height: 22 inches Pot: Wicker Basket, 7" high by 7" across
USA Delivery Included.