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Catalog » Silk Trees » NN5001 Areca Silk Palm Tree
Areca Silk Palm Tree

The botanical name of the Areca Palm is Chrysalidocarpus lutescens, and the real tree requires lots of attention to maintain healthy green leaves and remain attractive.

Your new Areca Palm silk tree, on the other hand, needs only occasional care to stay looking bright and cheerful.

This silk Areca Palm features multi-trunks and dozens of feathery green fronds that compliment any surroundings. The gently arching palm fronds branch off of flexible trunks. Move the trunks closer together or further apart to suit your sense of style.

The 4-foot high Areca Silk Palm Tree arrives ready to display in a simple, black nursery pot. Display the Areca Palm as is, or easily "plant" the pot into the decorative container of your choice.

$124.95, Delivery Included
NN5001 Details
Color: Medium green Height: 48 inches Leaves: 736 leaves. Trunks: 7 trunks. Pot: Non-decorative nursery pot.
USA Delivery Included.