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Catalog » Holiday Decor » NN4921 24-Inch Holly Berry Wreath
24-Inch Holly Berry Wreath

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly" begins one of the best known and beloved Christmas carols. Through the ages, Holly has been used to adorn the home in winter, the symbolism changing with the era.

Yet who can deny that the bright red berries and beautiful green leaves brighten the home during the dreary winter months.

This beautiful silk wreath of holly can be displayed as is, or add a big bow with hanging ribbons for a more dramatic look.

To protect your investment and keep the wreath reasonably protected from dust and crushing, store in the shipping container, or a hard plastic wreath storage container. With just a little care, this beautiful wreath will look fabulous year after year.

$84.95, Delivery Included
NN4921 Details
Color: Red Berries, Varigated Leaves Height: 24 Inch
As Featured On Squidoo.com, 24-Inch Holly Berry Wreath.
USA Delivery Included.