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Catalog » Silk Trees » NN5211 Codiaeum Variegatum
Codiaeum Variegatum

This six foot tall silk Variegated Croton is quite impressive with multiple natural trunks and a crown nearly three feet across. The vivid greens and yellows of the lightly lobed leaves are highlighted here and there with a splash of flame red.

The botanical name for the Variegated Croton is Codiaeum variegatum, a species popular for use as houseplants because of the remarkable foliage, which varies widely from one cultivar to another.

Your new silk Croton tree arrives in a non-decorative nursery pot which is ready to display as is, or easy to disguise using the "pot-in-pot" planting method. Either way, your new addition is sure to be a hit.

$189.95, Delivery Included
NN5211 Details
Color: Green, yellow and red variegated Height: 72 inches Leaves: 510 Trunks: Multiple trunks Pot: Non-decorative nursery pot, 5-3/4" high by 6-1/2" across
USA Delivery Included.