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Catalog » Holiday Decor » NN4677 22-Inch Apple Berry Wreath
22-Inch Apple Berry Wreath

Our 22-inch Apple Berry Christmas Wreath is reminiscent of days gone by, loaded with delicately crafted apples and berries that look almost good enough to eat! Vibrant shades of wine and crimson reds work together with the earthy tones of pine cones and evergreens to create this stunning focal point.

Proving the adage that less is more, this beautiful wreath provides plenty of Christmas spirit without overpowering everything else in the room. The Apple Berry Wreath is also a good choice for an apartment door, or office wall.

Store your Apple Berry Wreath in the original shipping carton to keep it in top shape from one year to the next, or use a hard plastic wreath storage container. With just a little TLC, this wreath can provide you with years of holiday enjoyment.

$47.95, Delivery Included
NN4677 Details
Color: Red Height: 22 inch
As Featured On Squidoo.com, 22-Inch Apple Berry Wreath.
USA Delivery Included.